The ideal daypack for a trip to the Austrian Alps

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We love this message below from Günter, and are really pleased our green packable backpack was the perfect choice for his trip. Hopefully it'll come in useful on another trip to NZ in due course. These backpacks pack into themselves and are compact and lightweight, so are great for adding to your luggage for a trip or weekend getaway!

"My girlfriend and I spent March 2020 in New Zealand (luckily right before the whole crazy Corona business started) - in one of the last locations we visited (Taupo), we bought two of those handy wild kiwi packable backpacks. Then we hurriedly had to leave the country (we promised to come back to finish our tour some day).

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that your packable backpack also comes in handy on the other side of the world - in the Austrian Alps (see image). I took it with me on a 4 day trip and used it as a day pack for climbing trips. Pretty cool, for a 4day trip including climbing gear you need a big and stable backpack, for climbing tours you needs a light one that doesn't get in your way - enter Wild Kiwi bag, easily added to your normal luggage it becomes a nice little feature for day trips."

Green packable Wild Kiwi backpack, in Austrian Alps

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