Wild Kiwi in the Scottish Highlands!

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One of the Wild Kiwi team is currently on an adventure hiking in Scotland, kept warm in her Wild Kiwi gear... pictured here in down vests and bandanas as well as with the hot/cold bottles which are awesome for their ginger tea (Keeps hot all day!)

'Having a fab time on Day 3 of our 6 day hike around Lochness in the Highlands with beautiful scenery and so glad to have the WK gear and the raincoat was fantastic yesterday as we walked in rain for hours and I kept dry!

Cheers from me in the glens and highlands of Scotland!' - Di.

Wild Kiwi clothing New Zealand, women wearing down vests and holding our re-usable drink bottles

Wild Kiwi® New Zealand, re-usable hot / cold vacuum drink bottles



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